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    The Founder and Senior Partner “The Leading Lawyer,” Mr. Sharhabeel Al Zaeem, is recognized as the leading commercial law advisor in Palestine.  His multiple successes serv..

  • Mr. Al Zaeem Returns Back to Gaza After a Business Trip to Washington.

      Mr. Al Zaeem Returns Back to Gaza After a Business Trip to Washington Mr. Sharhabeel Al Zaeem returned back to Gaza after a visit the United States of America whereby he met his Excellency Mr. Donald Trump, the President of the United Stated of America during the National Prayer Breakfast event which was held in Washington DC on 2th February 2017 in the presence of several world leaders and prominent political, economical and legal leaders.  This event is designed to be a forum for the political, social, and business elite to assemble and build relationships. The same day afternoon, Mr. Al Zaeem attended the leadership lunch whereby His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan delivered his speech. Mr. Al Zaeem met several members of the United States Congress and Senate on the sidelines of the National Prayer Breakfast event and he visited the US Department of State in Washington. Mr. Al Zaeem also visited the headquarters of United Nations in New York whereby he met Ms. Julie Jolle, the Political Advisor of U.S. Mission to the United Nations.  Also, he met Mr. John Ging the Operations Director of the UN Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs “OCHA” on dinner (the former Director of United Nations Relief and Work Agency during 2008/2009 war).  Additionally, he met the former Dean of Yale Law School Mr. Antony Kronman.   


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